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  • Katelin Kinney

Hanni for Sephora

I've worked with Hanni's awesome products for a little over a year now. This brand is growing at such an insane rate and is led by some very driven and experienced people. The result of that is the new addition of Hanni in Sephora stores nationwide as well as on Sephora online. For this exciting launch Hanni needed an image for their in store packaging that was Sephora approved. I was thrilled to provide them with it!

Above you can see Hanni's CEO, Leslie Tessler, showing off our new images in NYC! Hanni also needed some new assets to use on social media, e-mail marketing, billboards and various marketing materials to announce the partnership with Sephora.

I'm really thrilled that Leslie and Hanni have taken me on this super fast ride with them. How cool is it that when I walk into a Sephora I can look over and see my own images there on the shelf? To see more of what I've created with Hanni check out my project here.


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