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  • Katelin Kinney

Photographers to Follow IV

Time for another round of sharing the photographers I look up to and follow. It's SO important to surround yourself with the highest level work you can find. Not only does it push you to reach higher in your own work, but you also stay up to date on trends within the top players of the industry. So lets dive in to round #4!

Andy Anderson

Untitled by Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson is one of my favorite lifestyle photographers. He shoots in some very unique locations, but even if his location isn't unique, his photos are. Exposures- incredible. Colors- eye catching. Subjects- filled with stories.

Dean West

Untitled (Jam 3 agency series) by Dean West

Dean West. One of the compositing commercial photographers I admire the most. His works are very dramatic, chalk full of little details, and incredibly original. He's worked with some brands at the tippy top and he's not slowing down.

Jean Y'ves Lemoigne

Perrier, Ogilvy Paris by Jean Y'ves Lemoigne

Jean Y'ves is fairly new to me and I have no idea how I have not come across his work before. Just the sheer amount of work on his website is mind-blowing, let alone the quality and originality. Truly inspiring. Not to mention he also has some behind the scenes materials up to see how he created some of his work.

Gregory Crewdson

Untitled (Twin Beds) by Gregory Crewdson

Gregory Crewdson is known for creating huge productions that are movie quality in order to capture one still image. The highly controlled environments are directed down to the placements of the tiniest props. His topic matter usually lies within a haunting view of suburban America.

Jeremy Roloff

Untitled by Jeremy Roloff

Anyone ever watch Little People Big World? I never kept up with the show, but one of the sons on the show turns out to be a pretty great portrait photographer. Jeremy Roloff creates some really beautiful images that have great atmosphere. A reality TV star having some serious talent and a legitimate photography career....who knew?

D Scott Clark

Untitled by D Scott Clark

Another wonderful lifestyle photographer I follow, and guess what?....HE'S FROM MY HOMETOWN. Yup, little tiny southern Indiana town. He's since relocated to Colorado, because come on- how much more of an ideal location could you get for adventure and lifestyle photography? His work always has so much energy and is frequently action packed. Epicness.

George Logan

Falling Ladies series by George Logan

International advertising photographer George Logan has worked on many really interesting campaigns. Not only is the topic matter intriguing, but there is something so soft and yet crisp about his post processing. Love it.

Josh Rossi

Untitled by Josh Rossi

Another great composite photographer, Josh Rossi's work always has a fun, cartoony look to his style. Tons of details, clean, crisp, and again a certain softness to the light are some key characteristics to his work.

And that's it for this round! Whether you're a landscape, wedding, portrait, fashion, conceptual, or commercial photographer I really believe it's important to follow photographers of other genres. So get out there, look through magazines, surf the web, and find new photographers that capture your awe and inspire your drive.

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