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  • Katelin Kinney

Meditation and Petri Dishes

So I had been circling around this idea of clear headphones for a while. I knew they'd look really cool, especially with a color light flashing to the side of them. Plastic and glass that bends throws the colored light around in really interesting ways. So, I had this idea for a cool visual, but no concept or meaning behind it yet. I let it simmer and sit in my head for about a week before I had the other half of this concept come to me.

Something should be inside these clear headphones. What should it be? What am I trying to say these people are listening to? Of course I'm often drawn to nature, so I really liked the idea of showing other people also "listening" to nature. This idea to me really spoke about disconnecting from technology and instead connecting back with nature and our inner beings. Now that I had the idea it was time to start creating it!

I looked online for some clear headbands and found a super cheap pack of 7 of them for around $6. Next I thought of using some sort of organizational container you'd find at a craft store, but I couldn't find the right size anywhere online. I just KNEW that I had seen a clear circle in the right size before and then it hit me. I was thinking of petri dishes that I used back in high school biology, the kind you see on all of these crime investigative shows. A quick online search yielded plenty of affordable options. I actually ended up mistakingly buying two PACKS of petri dishes instead of just two single petri dishes. So, if anyone needs some petri dishes let me know, because I have like twenty lol!

I really enjoy this finished product. I stuck fairly close with my original lighting set up ideas. My landscape combinations changed even as I was editing it. All in all I think these two photos work well opposite one another on a spread.

For me photography is always more fun if it involves a little craft time and clever manipulations in order to bring that image to life. So go out and look around at objects in a new way. Instead of seeing what it is imagine what it could be! Thanks for watching guys!

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