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  • Katelin Kinney

Every Party Has A Pooper

I've been trying to come up with more conceptual images for the purpose of commercial advertisements. I had the idea of advertising an odor neutralizing cat litter by showing a party scene being disrupted by a "party pooper"....literally.

As usual I'll draw up a very quick thumbnail sketch to get a sense of the balance of the scene, perspective, and scale. I also make lists of props, lighting set up ideas, or anything else I might need to remember later on during the process of creating the photo.

For me the joy in this photo comes from the color palette and the dynamic going on between each character in the scene.

Below you can find a time-lapse video of the editing of this photo. The whole back wall and litter closet is painted and the lighting is all enhanced with some burning and dodging.

This is the simplistic ad format I had in mind with the tagline "Because every party has a pooper."

I like creating images in a mock advertisement layout so I can see how they'd work in real life situations.

And just for fun here's a photo of our little Noel watching photos of herself being edited. What a little ham ;)

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