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  • Katelin Kinney

Ads I love II

Second installment of crazy clever ads that I love. Looking through these always gives me motivation to push myself to try and reach the same level of expertise. How could you look at these as a photographer and not feel motivated? Amazing work all around.

It frustrates me that most people don't view advertisements as art. True, some advertisements are not, but many out there really are amazing artworks. I had someone comment on one of my photos recently "This is a advertisement. Please (expletive) off". First of all that was on imgur which is a brutal community to try and share photography in. Most are met with negative comments seeing as it's a site dominated by memes and humorous gifs. The thing that really bothered me, though, was the idea that advertising photography is somehow a cheap, knock-off genre that doesn't deserve to be viewed or thought about. Seriously?

Take a look at these photos below and you can tell they are not only technically high quality and made well, but have more thought and concept behind them than the majority of art out there in the world today. In advertising you not only have to produce something visually interesting and eye catching, but it has to drive an idea home and do it quickly. That takes an extremely large amount of talent! Advertising should be appreciated much more than it is. Unfortunately, crappy advertisements tend to oversaturate our daily lives and become annoying, therefor putting a negative connotation on all advertising. Next time you're looking through a magazine or notice a billboard take some time to appreciate the amount of thought and work that went into it! You'll find some amazing gems out there :)

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