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  • Katelin Kinney

Photographers to Follow III

Time to introduce you to more awesome photographers and celebrate the ones you already know! As always, this list is constantly growing, but here are some of my favorite photographers to follow and be inspired by.

Tim Tadder

Untitled ("In the Corner" series) by Tim Tadder

Tim Tadder is a BIG time advertising photographer. He's worked on campaigns from Gillette to Reebok to Gatorade and the big names just keep going. His work is insanely clean and crisp and always perfectly lit.

Kirsty Mitchell

"The Last Dance of the Flowers" by Kirsty Mitchell

A self described "artist with a camera" as opposed to a photographer, Kirsty Mitchell has quite a bit in common with Alexia Sinclair from the first installment of my photographers to follow. She, too, hand makes all of her costumes and props. Some images can take nearly 8 months to prepare for. She has recently finished her series "Wonderland" that she has been working on for 5 years.

Alex Stoddard

"Hostile Territory" by Alex Stoddard

Talk about a young start! This kid started a 365 project at the age of 16. In 2014 he was contacted by the prestigious Fahey/Klein gallery in Los Angeles asking to represent his work. Holy cow! Such talent and such young success.

Adam Hague

"The Big Bang" by Adam Hague

Adam creates some really unique scenes and always has a great sense of story-telling and concept. However, what keeps me most interested in his work is the variety. Different lighting, coloring, layouts, settings, moods, looks. He's never repetitive and it never gets old.

Kyle Thompson

"Sinking Captain" by Kyle Thompson

Kyle is a self portrait conceptual artist. His scenes are often simple, but they always capture your attention and start to form a story in your mind as you're looking around at all the detail and beautiful soft colors. His photos always seem so relaxed to me, but they often have an accompanying sense of tension or stress. An interesting and captivating mixture.

Eva Van Oosten

"Purity Lost" by Eva Van Oosten

Eva creates surreal images (often portraits) in some of the most interesting locations I've seen. Frequently in abandoned buildings and crumbling creepy locations her exposures are spot on and the color palettes are just dreamy.

Sergey Spoyalov

Untitled by Sergey Spoyalov

Mostly a portrait photographer I can instantly tell a Sergey photo. His quality of light and retouching has a very surreal and hazy feel to it. His subjects are frequently extremely connected to the camera and have an intense eye contact or focus on us- the viewer. That gives his images an unsettling while at the same time very pretty mood.

Dean Bradshaw

Untitled ("Golden Years 1" series) by Dean Bradshaw

Dean Bradshaw is another big name in advertising. His projects whether commissioned, collaborative, or personal are never boring or cookie-cutter. Even the simplest portrait becomes something I've never seen before with his control of light and colors. One main thing in every photo is his hyper-realistic detail. From exposure to resolution the details we see are insanely sharp. Love it!

And that's it for this time folks! I really love sharing the photographers who inspire me and I hope you enjoy their work as much as I do! Surround yourself with the work of those that push you. Their level of work may seem unreachable, but when you expose yourself to that quality on a regular basis and practice consistently you may wake up one day and realize how far you've come thanks to their inspiration. Happy shooting :)

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