Client: EcoRoots

EcoRoots is a well established brand focused on all natural and little to no waste. When they contacted me asking for some well designed studio shots and some practical bright lifestyle shots of their shampoo and conditioner bars in action as well as their razors and toothbrushes, I knew this would be a fun project. They gave me full freedom on the creative and I ended up having a ton of fun with colors, layers, and composition. The result was a yummy gallery of summer trendy colors that highlighted their colorful products. 

razor bubbles refillable blades and soap
ecoroots razor
minimalist modern razor product photography
paper cut out product photography of refillable razor
natural bamboo toothbrush set ecoroots
african american model using conditioner bar on hair in shower
levitation modern minimal design product photography of razor and refillable blade kit
white female model using shampoo bar in shower
pastel product photography of hand modeling shampoo and conditioner bars
all natural bamboo toothbrush set
rose gold refillable razor set
black female model holding rose gold razor
black female hand modeling rose gold razor
black woman lathering hair with shampoo bar in shower
white female model using conditioner bar on brown hair in shower
minimal design composition of razor blade gold set product photography