Photographers to Follow IV

Time for another round of sharing the photographers I look up to and follow. It's SO important to surround yourself with the highest level work you can find. Not only does it push you to reach higher in your own work, but you also stay up to date on trends within the top players of the industry. So lets dive in to round #4! Andy Anderson Untitled by Andy Anderson Andy Anderson is one of my favorite lifestyle photographers. He shoots in some very unique locations, but even if his location isn't unique, his photos are. Exposures- incredible. Colors- eye catching. Subjects- filled with stories. Dean West Untitled (Jam 3 agency series) by Dean West Dean West. One of the compositing commercial ph

What I Learned from my NY Reviews

PORTFOLIO REVIEWS. If you, like me, had never heard of a professional portfolio review don't worry. You're not alone. It seems like an obvious thing to those exposed to this industry, but for those of us who know no one in the industry, are not familiar with the practices, and are learning everything from Google searches, these common portfolio reviews are a secret world we have to dig for. I thought mistakenly that portfolio reviews were only for students and were held by the universities sizing them up. Little did I know that these reviews are available all throughout your career. There are portfolio events for fine art, commercial, or both. At these events you can get feedback on the look

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