Photographers to Follow III

Time to introduce you to more awesome photographers and celebrate the ones you already know! As always, this list is constantly growing, but here are some of my favorite photographers to follow and be inspired by. Tim Tadder Untitled ("In the Corner" series) by Tim Tadder Tim Tadder is a BIG time advertising photographer. He's worked on campaigns from Gillette to Reebok to Gatorade and the big names just keep going. His work is insanely clean and crisp and always perfectly lit. Kirsty Mitchell "The Last Dance of the Flowers" by Kirsty Mitchell A self described "artist with a camera" as opposed to a photographer, Kirsty Mitchell has quite a bit in common with Alexia Sinclair from the first in

Behind the Lighting Set-up

Yesterday I decided to use some left over lemons to practice some commercial lighting. To me, liquid and glass are two of the hardest subjects to light. Every shadow or glaring highlight, every bend in the glass or ripple in the water affects the look of the image. The changes are so subtle that it could take hours to get the right lighting. Though I obviously tend to create more fantastical and surreal images, I still love to create little moments of light and composition in all my photos that just seem magical to me. In any image it's important to have areas of interest where the viewer's eye can focus. You ultimately want your viewer to bounce around to different areas of your image as to

The Large Eye Effect

I'm really drawn to exaggerated commercial style images, whether that be exaggerated light, colors, forms or all of the above. One effect that I use pretty often is creating super sized eyes. It's a fun way to bring in the viewer and create a palpable character or emotion. The main method I use is as simple as taking my photo, then zooming in for a close up shot of the eye. Blend those two images together using the liquify tool pallet and... badda bing badda boom! You've got a super sized eyeball. Nudging and bulging is a super simple way to shape the eyeball and eye socket. Burning and Dodging is a great way to finish it off by exaggerating the forms of the eyes and making them sink into th

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