Light Obsession

Hello. My name is Katelin and I’m a lightbulb addict ;) So if you’ve seen some of my work, chances are you’ve noticed that lightbulbs keep popping up fairly frequently. Maybe it can be repetitive, but I try to avoid that and bring something new to each photo. Sometimes I’ll paint in the light to give more of a cartoon/illustration look to it and other times I’ll shoot the lightbulb while it’s actually lit. When painting in light I will paint white or yellow on multiple layers and alter the blending modes of those layers depending on the situation. Sometimes I use soft light, other times I’ll use screen- more often than not it’s a combination. It’s also important to vary the size and softness

Playing With Fire

Adding special effects is always a fun way to achieve some extra drama in your photos. Fire and water are my two favorite effects to work with. Last week my foreign exchange sister came back for a visit and luckily for me the weather was great for taking some photos with her! So, after stitching together the scene, I had a large resolution image and then came the fun part! Adding fire! First off I needed images of fire. Thankfully, my pyro-ish boyfriend found a dumped couch on the side of the road last summer and decided he wanted to torch it. I, of course, took hundreds of photos throughout the burning and now have a pretty good stock pile of fire images. Now the tricky part- realistically

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