Branding Yourself

I've been told many times that whether you're a designer, photographer, illustrator or another field, it's important to brand yourself...especially if you're a creative. Maybe you're looking for a job, doing freelance on your own, or looking to just gain more followers and get noticed. Whatever your position, it is important to brand yourself. Think of yourself as an entire company- what do you stand for, your characteristics, your talent/services you offer? When you present yourself to potential employers or customers you should be presenting a fully thought out visual brand. It's true that most artists will have a particular style that is recognizable in their work, but that should also be

Photographers to Follow

I follow photographers for 3 reasons: I like finding new images that are creative and make me say "huh...I never would have thought of doing that". I look for photographers that have a career I'd enjoy having in order to research how they got there and how they run their business. Lastly, I find it a necessary motivator to see the high quality of skill that's out there and try to push myself to reach that calibre. It gives you a tangible goal to reach in a somewhat ambiguous creative world. So! I decided to put together a list of some of the great photographers I love to follow. This by NO MEANS is a complete list. It is constantly in flux and there are TONS of amazing photographers out ther

Time To Push It!

I've been feeling in a rut lately. Looking through my work it seems really repetitive, unfortunately. One model, center of the frame, a couple middle ground elements, and a fairly flat background. Throw in a levitation or photoshoppy trick and that's it, folks! Scanning the work of some very high level photographers that I admire the realization came that I just don't have much detail in my photos at all. That's fine on occasion, but it had become a formula, a habit...a crutch. I've decided to start pushing myself more this year. If I have a fantastical idea I'm going to go all out and make it....SOMEHOW. So this new image "Observation Room" was an opportunity for me to do just that. I brain

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