The world is oversaturated with pictures!



   So I prefer to create stories instead. Conceptual advertising photography is my specialty- add in a bit of surrealism and digital magic and you're right up my alley. Whatever your product or service is, I promise the images we create together will be anything but boring.

   I'm Katelin Kinney- creative, introvert, lover of ice cream, and a sucker for baby animals. As an individual to work with I'm intensely focused on my projects at hand and prefer to push past typical and into original. I love to plan and create lists which is very helpful in keeping me on schedule with all deadlines. Creating images that impress my clients truly is one of my greatest joys in life.

   Some random tidbits about me: I'm from a small town with two stoplights and I love it. My celebrity crush is John Lithgow. My biggest pet peeve is poorly designed billboards. Volleyball is my sport of choice. Spiders are my kryptonite, but I love being out in the woods. I'd rather shop at Lowe's than go to the mall. And Breaking Bad is the best television series of all time. Period.